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Torte Copenhagen specialises in modern bespoke Swiss meringue buttercream cakes, ganache cakes and cupcakes. I endeavour to offer flavours that are both delicious and unique using only the finest natural (and local where possible) ingredients for the best results. All cakes and fillings are made in house from scratch and are free of artificial flavours and nasties. You can find the menu below, should you have a flavour in mind that isn't listed or for any dietary requirements please don't hesitate to ask.

Cake Menu



Apple Cider, Caramel, Goats Curd & Almond 

Lightly scented apple cider cake layered with a slightly salted caramel, goats curd buttercream and a sprinkle of caramelised almonds

Champagne, Pistachio & Rhubarb

Delicate champagne cake layered with a fruity rhubarb compote and pistachio praline buttercream


Lemon, Raspberry & Lime 

Zesty lemon and raspberry cake layered with a tangy lime curd, lime buttercream and sprinkles of freeze dried raspberries

Dark Chocolate & Forest Berries

Moist chocolate cake layered with a dark chocolate berry ganache, forest berry buttercream and dark chocolate flakes

Vanilla, Strawberry & Elderflower

Light vanilla cake layered with a sweet elderflower curd and strawberry buttercream

Coconut, Mango & White Chocolate

Fragrant coconut cake layered with a fruity mango compote, coconut buttercream and white chocolate flakes


The cake tiers consist of four even layers of cake interspersed with 3 layers of flavoured buttercream and filling. They are then coated in smooth Swiss meringue buttercream or luscious white/dark chocolate ganache.

The size of the cake is determined by X amount of people with a long rectangular dessert portion size of 2.5x2.5x15 cm. (See pictures above or cake cutting video below as reference). 

Please also see FAQ for the ordering process or other questions you might have.

Normal sized cupcakes and mini cupcakes are also available. Should you wish any other desserts that aren't mentioned, please don't hesitate to ask.

Each cake is individually designed, decorated and sized to fit your needs. That's why there are no fixed prices. To enquire about a quote please send an email to


General pricing guide

1 tier cakes:

with 16 portions from 960 Kr. 

with 24 portions from 1440 Kr.

with 32 portions from 1920 Kr.

2 tier cakes:

with 34 portions from 2040 Kr.

with 48 portions from 2880 Kr.

with 68 portions from 4080 Kr. 

3 tier cakes:

with 78 portions from 4680 Kr. 

with 109 portions from 6540 Kr.

with 144 portions from 8640 Kr.

4 tier cakes:

with 154 portions from 9240 Kr. 

with 198 portions from 11880 Kr.


Cupcakes from 33 Kr. each (minimum order of 12)

Mini cupcakes from 16,50 Kr. each (minimum order of 24)

*Prices are subject to change due to inflation.

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