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About Torte Copenhagen


Hello! I'm Katharina, the face behind Torte Copenhagen and a trained and qualified pastry chef with a passion in creating bespoke cakes. I am a Danish and German national and have lived and worked in Melbourne (Australia's culinary capital) at hip and up and coming pastry shops, patisseries and Michelin quality fine dining restaurants. My dream has always been to be part of the wedding scene, to create bespoke cakes for brides and grooms to be. So I took fate in to my own hands and decided to do work experience at one of Melbourne's many bespoke cake businesses. I was immediately smitten and scored myself a cake decorating job at Miss Ladybird Cakes, one of Australia’s best cake decorators, while I also had my own little cake business running on the side. All this led to me opening up my dream business here in Copenhagen.

For any occasion, when you order a cake from me you can be sure that only the finest ingredients are being used to get the best results, this applies to flour, sugar, butter and everything else I work with in the kitchen. I am all about using quality organic ingredients where possible. All cakes are slow-baked and made in house from scratch without any artificial flavours. I care just as much about the flavours on the inside as I do about the outside. After all, the cake for your special occasion should look beautiful and taste delicious at the same time. Flowers, toppers, colours and other decorations are all sourced from the best producers.

Torte is all about putting cake and art together and designing something unique both you and I can be proud of. Something delicious you can share with your loved ones and something that helps making your special occasion memorable long after it's gone.

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